Remote Shoots

“Remote, Tethered photo shoots” are a recent phenomenon that is growing strongly. We now also offer this in our spacious photo studio. 

With our equipment and technical support, models can now also offer professional online studio shoots! 

Covid proof and in complete safety.


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What is "remote, tethered shooting"?

And how does it work?
Very simple actually.

I have a professional camera which is connected to a computer via USB cable.
All settings of the camera can be controlled remotely by the customer, using software installed on the computer.
The customer uses Zoom to take control of my computer from the comfort of their own home, controlling the camera and taking pictures.
I take care the entire technical aspect, following the instructions of the remote user. I adjust lighting, camera angles and props at their request.
Our Mac computer is equipped with a stable, wired internet connection.

There is a 24 inch screen for you as a model to communicate in comfort with the remote user via Zoom.

All the remote user needs is a computer with a stable internet connection with Zoom installed. This can be downloaded for free.

The studio is 115m2, so we can work completely (covid) safely.

After the shoot I send all photos in RAW format to the customer via Dropbox. They have full ownership of those files. Any restrictions in use should be discussed between model and customer.


We offer two options

Option 1: full event support

We collaborate and organise a theme shoot or shoot event.

Shooting style, genre or theme will be discussed and is promoted via our shoot event bussiness “Amariliz Photography Events “.

We post the event on our Facebook page, promote it in several photography groups and  we send out a newsletter to our regular clients.

Pages and Facebook events can be shared by you, increasing the visibility even more!

Fee and event pricing will be discussed and decided together.

Option 2: Do it yourself

We charge a flat fee for the studio, assistance and techical support.

You do all the promotion and booking, arrange clients and shoots to your heart’s content, as you normally would. But instead of working with them on location, this will be done safely from our studio. The whole world can be reached in this way.

You determine the duration of the shoots, the full price of the session and the genre you want to offer.


In order to be able to serve the different time zones, rental and event periods can be flexibly choses. Sessions can be scheduled between 7am and 11pm.
Both remote and live in studio shoots can be offered.
Wich eaquipment is used?

– The camera is a Canon 5D mark III with 24-70 mm f2.8, 85 mm f1.2 en 70-200 mm f2.8 lenses.

– The camera is mounted on a a heavy, wheeled FOBA studio stand. Camera angles can be adjusted quickly and easily.

– Elinchrom strobes, with a wide variety of reflectors and softboxes.

– Computer is a Mac with 16 gb Ram, a stable and wired internet connection and all necessary software.

– 24 inch screen, pointed towards the model, this way you can see what the remote users is doing.

– webcam, dual bluetooth speakers and a microphone for communication with the remote client.

What does the remote user need?

Only a computer with the Zoom app installed and a stable internet connection.

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an image says more than words...
Introduction video

We made a short introduction video, to show you how it works..

from a recent remote shoot with Sara Scarlet.

Behind the scenes, with Sara Scarlet.

A short BTS video from another remote shoot with Sara Scarlet in our studio.

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